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Eheim Canister Filter 2217

Eheim canister filter 2217 is a perfect fit for your eheim classic 600 canister filter 2217. It provides superior quality at a lower cost. It features 3 different appearance media pads which can be used in various ways to add a touch of luxury to your décor.

Eheim 2262 Canister Filter

The eheim 2262 canister filter is perfect for ensuring your fuel smells good and doesn't have any odor. It's made of high-quality materials and it's a great addition to your fuel-up routine.

Eheim 600 Canister Filter

The eheim 600 canister filter pad is designed for mechanical cleaning. It is high-quality and efficient, making it perfect for this purpose. The pad has a fine mesh structure, making it effective in removing debris and bacteria. eheim canister filter is for the 2217 model. This piece is necessary in order to prevent the canister fromoluteably spilling its oil and lukoil. It is a good choice when needed to keep the canister from aspects. the eheim canister filter 350 is a small, but powerful filter that use canister design. It is perfect for when you need to prevent water fromiltration and for general water quality monitoring. the eheim canister filter 2217 is a fine white pad that eliminates dust and debris from your tanks. This canister filter is made of durable materials that will ensure that your tanks are free of debris and dust.